Time To Blog

As all of you no doubt know, I write sometimes. Since I don’t really expect anyone to read this, it seems silly to preface this with such a phrase, but I did it anyways, and it is already far too late to take it back.

Anyways, the point is that I write sometimes, but I really ought to write more. So tonight I decided that I would. Unfortunately, I don’t often have any ideas what it is I should write about. So, and once again this all happened tonight, I got the idea that I would try blogging again. Everyone and their mother blogs, but most people are truly terrible at it. I aim to be a good deal less terrible at it. Feel free to let me know how I’m doing at that.

Strangely, the first thing I thought of when deciding to blog was which sort of arbitrary minimum word count I would impose upon myself. Maybe I should have thought about something like “what should I write about” or “is this really the best use of my time?” The answer to the latter is of course yes, and the answer to the former is “whatever comes to mind.” The important thing is that writing occurs. But I need a goal. Writing a twenty word post can’t honestly be considered anything at all. Twenty words is a Facebook update, not a blog post. At first I thought one thousand words would be a good goal to set, but as I am typing this very post out, I have come to realize that one thousand words is nothing to scoff at. That’s a lot of words. That’s a ten by ten by ten word cube. Have you ever seen a word cube? Probably not, because I am fairly certain they are obscure and useless objects. That’s not what we are talking about here though.

To get back on topic, I have decided to set my minimum at five hundred words when I can’t think of much to talk about, and a thousand words when I can. What will I write about? Whatever I feel like. Maybe I’ll talk about my day, or I’ll talk about my opinion or lack thereof on something, or maybe I’ll post a bit of ridiculous fiction. It’s my blog. When National Novel Writing Month comes back around, my blog posts will consist of my horrid attempts at novella writing. Is that cheating? I don’t care.

Since I am really quite good at expanding sentences with all manner of filler words that do nothing to actually contribute to the sentence, five hundred words will be a walk in the park. So to make things interesting, I’ll have to do it every day. A blog a day? Challenging, especially for someone without an expecting audience or any reason to blog every day aside from his own self satisfaction. Nevertheless, a blog a day is exactly what needs to happen, because I am a writer*, and above and beyond every other definition and assumption and stigma, a writer writes.

There are a few things I need to promise myself in order to make this work, though. First off, I do need to update this blog every day. The only time I will not is when I have absolutely no Internet access whatsoever. Which should be pretty much never. I am an American, after all, and not one of the poor ones either.

Second off, I need to update for my own sake. Maybe I’ll get readers some day, maybe not, but they cannot and will not be the reason I write. Writing out this promise seems a bit strange, since it seems to imply that I am writing for others anyways, but whatever.

Third off, while I have no intentions of making my strange and terrible life an open book, I will do my utmost to be honest and upfront when it comes to blogging about things that have actually happened. Using this as a platform to make everyone who wrongs me look bad, or as an elaborate trolling mechanism would be an absurd use of my time. This may mean revealing opinions that will make people look at my differently, but Promise Two will ensure that I not let that stop me. I am of course always willing to discuss my opinions on things in the comments or by email or whatever.

*Note that I am not a published writer of any sort, but I read a book that says that I should call myself one anyways to make me feel more like a writer and thus write things. Positive reinforcement or something.


8 Responses to Time To Blog

  1. metsthemets says:

    I for one, look forward to reading your blogs.

  2. RS says:

    Just read your text. Your blog title is more brilliant than anything I could come up with, and totally apt. This post is so motivating! I spent all weekend indoors and wrote only six script pages. =^/ At least it’s something!

  3. TheNewHorde says:

    good luck keeping it up then.

  4. Flak says:

    Go for it brah

  5. Saurus says:

    I’ll bid you discipline and perseverance, as you’ll be needing those a whole deal more than luck. You’re skills I have no doubt of, so fortune isn’t a factor anyway I would think.

  6. Saurus says:

    I’ll bid you discipline and perseverance, as you’ll be needing those a whole deal more than luck. Your skills I have no doubt of, so fortune isn’t a factor anyway I would think.

  7. Vinny Bove says:

    A terrific first post! I look forward to your snarky future entries…

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