Because it is better than nothing

It’s 8:00 pm, and I have absolutely no ideas as to what to write about, which is a problem when one is forcing themselves to blog every day no matter how difficult. Therefore, I am very much forced to talk about my day. I am so, so sorry.

My day began a little on the early side. 4:30 am to be precise. I set my alarm early to ensure that I would have time to shave before going through all of my other morning tasks to prepare myself for work. Then I did all the other things, like showering and eating some breakfast bars and a swig of Coke (I swear I thought I had a good reason for buying it at one point, but I can’t entirely recall it anymore, and it would be a shame for it to go to waste, so it’ll be my morning coffee for the time being).

With plenty of time to spare, I headed to the subway, quickly discovering that it was raining a bit. I thought little of it, figuring it would die out soon enough, so I didn’t bother heading back to my apartment to retrieve my umbrella. Entering the subway, I waited not even a full minute before the E Train arrived, which was highly unusual. More often, the train is leaving just as I get down to the platform, or I have to wait ten minutes for one to show up.

Riding the train to Queens Plaza, I realized that I was early enough to catch the 5:45 shuttle van into work, whereas I typically either catch the 6:15 shuttle or just walk in myself (only takes 10-15 minutes). It was a bit strange, riding with people I didn’t even recognize. I’m not entirely sure what they were talking about, but I remain confident that it was pretty dumb.

Clocking into work a full half-hour early, I went through my work arrival routine of logging into my computer and marking all the mail from my days off as read. Not too long ago there was a time where I read every last work email I received, but since then I have come to learn just how asinine most of it is. I do skim over the titles though. It was the usual stuff; conference call reports, retirement notices, bereavement notices, vacation notices, daily safety tips. Then I checked the call-off phone answering machine for messages so that I could make note of who called in sick (as opposed to the majority of people who just decide not to come to work and don’t say a thing).

After that it’s mostly a blur: whatever I was doing must have managed to be even less engaging than listening to messages. At one point I changed the water bottle on one of the water coolers. It’s one of my unofficial responsibilities around the office, though it manages to get done without me on days I’m not there so I don’t really know why. The bottle says you aren’t supposed to tear the top part off, but I totally do. I’m not sure what the bottle manufacturers think is supposed to happen to the water bottles, but I know from experience that it doesn’t.

At some point in the day a coworker and I printed out monthly performance charts and hung them up on a bulletin board. August was a good month in some areas, not so good in others. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say more than that.

Lunch was two different kinds of TV dinners: a Salisbury steak, corn, and mashed potatoes meal and a chicken fried chicken, corn, and mashed potatoes meal. I also had a can of root beer. It wasn’t cold because I hide it in my little filing cabinet, but I don’t really mind that.

The last thing I do each day at work is prepare the morning reports and safety briefings for the following day, mailing them out to all the supervisors so they can do what they need to do without me rushing around preparing them in the morning before everyone else gets in. We used to do it that way, and I’m glad we don’t anymore. It was kind of silly.

After work I went to the chiropractor for a brief adjustment, wherein I discovered that the rain had grown to omnipresent. Whether Manhattan or Queens, no sugar-based lifeform was safe. Luckily I am made of more waterproof substances.

Speaking of Queens, heading home I got very soaked, since it’s about a ten minute walk from my subway stop to my apartment. Sometimes I really miss my old place in Sunnyside. Other times I miss the common sense that would have forced me to go back to my apartment this morning and grab the freaking umbrella.


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