Moving Adventures

Like most procrastinators, every other activity suddenly seems more pertinent and interesting when you have something you actually ought to get done. For instance, mindless computer games become endlessly compelling at times when I ought to be writing, practicing guitar, or pretty much anything else. This time, however, it is posting on my blog that has become the distraction from the looming task of packing all of my stuff up.

In case the title didn’t make it clear, I am moving soon. In a week, to be more exact. To Washington Heights (that’s a neighborhood in Manhattan for those of you who don’t know any better, bless your little hearts).

So of course I am going to put it off as long as I can. Might really buckle down on Monday or Tuesday night, while putting off the final touches until Wednesday afternoon when it should all be ready.

Which is not to say that I’ve accomplished nothing. Why, just before sitting down I managed to put pretty much all my books into a single rolly cart thing (you know, the kind you see old ladies pushing around in grocery stores, except mine isn’t broken and tragic). Which is really a step up for me as far as moving goes. Years ago I would have packed everything in garbage bags and called it a day.

And of course, that’s exactly what I did when I moved from Newark, NJ to Sunnyside, NY. It was October 2007, and the moving day had literally snuck up on me. I didn’t even have time to rush home and do any last minute packing, because I worked nights at the time and right after work I had to go meet up with the people who were helping me move. So it was a bit of a frustration to arrive at my residence at the time (an attic) and see that most of the stuff wasn’t very well ready. So, garbage bag stuffing ahoy. Luckily I didn’t own a great deal, so it didn’t take a great deal of time to get it all into the van, to Sunnyside, and then out of the van again. It took me several months to fully unpack, because I was lazy.

I suppose my first grown up style move went a little more smoothly, however. It was February 2006, and I got a life-changing job offer for Amtrak in New York City, which meant leaving the life and friends I had made for myself in the Twin Cities behind. I owned even less back then, including no furniture whatsoever, most of what I owned fit into a bunch of suit cases that I dragged to the airport. The rest was sent to my parents to hold onto via UPS. I only bothered to finally retrieve it all from them about a year ago.

My move from Sunnyside was probably the smoothest one to date. I had gotten the keys to my new (and current) place early in the month of December, giving me a full month to transport a bunch of my smaller possessions by subway. This made the big move easier, especially since only one person was available to actually help with the big move. Luckily I have yet to purchase anything that I cannot lift myself, so it still wasn’t all that bad.

This latest move concerns me slightly, if only because I have been steadily collecting more and more things since my last move. And not just stupid crap that I can throw away and never again think about. Now I have freaking guitars and A/C floor units and a freaking book shelf. It will get done, because it always has, but it’s going to be a pain in the butt. And it will be another to unpack.

I’ll resume eventually.


2 Responses to Moving Adventures

  1. Rebecca says:

    You’re becoming a grown-up! Can you borrow a Journey van, or know anyone else who owns a car (the bigger the better)?

    In the past, when I was moving entire apartments with my roommates (and not just a single room), we would rent a U-Haul for the day. Don’t be that dude dragging your mattress through the subway.

  2. AJBulldis says:

    According to Tyler, we’ll either be using one of the Journey vans or a now-empty Journey truck.

    That said, I have been that guy dragging a mattress through a subway once, but it wasn’t my mattress.

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