I kind of like rats

Apparently its been several days since my last post. And considering the pathetic nature of my previous post, I’d like to ignore that one as well.

Unfortunately I’m a bit sleep deprived, so you’re not going to get any poignant opinion pieces on the political climate, nor any movie reviews (because I haven’t seen any since the last review). No, today I’m going to ramble about rats.

Like most people, I was initially skeptical about the numberless rodents (fun fact, I was going to use the word ‘numinous’ initially, but then I looked it up and as it turns out it means the presence of the divine, not ‘a whole bunch of’), and figured they were only good for eating bird eggs and being eaten by birds and whatever. Plus there was that whole ‘disease-carrying flea balls’ thing they have going for them.

My first exposure to rats in person was what I recall to be my 7th grade science class, but could very well have been some other grade entirely. Regardless, the teacher had a pair of albino brown rats as pets in the class room. Sometimes we would get to play with them. Far from the filthy foamy monsters of whatever it was I was watching as a kid, these rats were basically extra long hamsters with tails.

So anyways, fast forward several years and I suddenly live in New York City. And there are rats here. And not just lab rats either, but the wild kind who live in subways and cross the street sometimes and may end up in your apartment building if you are particularly unfortunate. They never really bothered me though. I’d see one or two scurrying about the tracks before the train showed up, and I’d just watch them, trying to see if they had any missing limbs or other particularly egregious defects. Or there was one occasion where a small sitting area in Central Park was covered in bird seed, which provoked a bunch of park rats to come out and eat, sometimes up to four at a time walking around pretty darn close to me. I took some pictures with my phone, and that was about it. I didn’t squirm even when one was inches away from my foot.

I don’t really know why, either. Cockroaches annoy me and have inspired multiple purchases of bug spray and fog bombs, and pigeons basically seem to just be asking to die by virtue of being too close, but rats just don’t bother me. I think they are kind of cute, actually, and I would consider getting a couple as pets (though I find myself doubting that my new roommate would be happy about it, though I guess I could just ask). And according to some things I’ve read, rats aren’t even all that disease-prone compared to other animals (apparently they don’t even carry rabies). While one can make the case for the necessity of their extermination in places like farms where they go eat crops, I think their only real crime in an urban area like New York City is being too good at surviving, and being more bold than people would like them to be. If people didn’t see rats, they would never think of them.

So lets focus our hatred on pigeons instead. Because screw pigeons.


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