Movie Review: Dream House

In my constant attempts to broaden my perspective, I am sometimes drawn to go see a movie I don’t think will be totally freaking awesome, but might be worth seeing anyways, if only to know for sure if it is in fact any good. It was with this attitude in place that I went to see Dream House. I actually had a variety of options, but Dream House was the movie closest to starting, so that’s what I went with.

First off, I am going to be blunt and say I don’t think this was a particularly great movie. The plot is rather stale. Most of the time it was highly predictable, and the few times it wasn’t it manages to just be disappointing instead. For me, the entire movie really hinged on the climactic twist that would make up for all of the obvious stuff that had happened. Sadly, this twist was fangless and pathetic, like some kind of dusty old dog with a broken jaw. What could have been a face-exploding reveal ended up ruining the movie for me even more than the fact that I had spilled nacho cheese on myself (and unfortunately this is not the first time that has happened to me in the movies).

The pacing was good, except there was very little to pace. As a story, it might have been mildly interesting to hear about, but as a movie I expect, nay demand, more.

I feel that the actors did a good job with what they had to work with. Sometimes you get an amazing script and try to do your best just to live up to it. Other times you get a bland one that you just have to make the most out of. Dream House is of course the latter. I can only assume that the actors wanted to make a little money on the side, or in the case of the little girls their parents wanted to live large and go into a spectacular spiral of debt.

I don’t know if this is one of the many movies based on a novel, but after seeing this movie I don’t think I would bother reading it if it is.

All in all, I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone I know, unless they have a particular fondness for unintelligent movies, or they just really like seeing Daniel Craig without a shirt on. Because we do get a number of scenes of that.

But enough about Daniel Craig’s torso, let me talk about one thing that I did enjoy: the soda machine. It is becoming more and more evident with every passing day that I am living in a future wonderland. Yesterday’s evidence of this was the new self-serve soda machines they have at the Regal Whatever theater in Times Square. It has a touch screen. You touch what flavor you want, and then push the button and you get the flavor you pushed. No more waiting for the jerks hogging the whole machine while they mix Coke with Diet Coke with Fanta Orange. Everyone gets one machine, and for a few shining moments, they can be like the god-kings of legend.


3 Responses to Movie Review: Dream House

  1. Rebecca says:

    Hey! Stop drinking soda!

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