A response to “Why Does America Have So Many ‘Peter Pan’ Men?”

In this article, some person I’ve never heard of named Penny Young Nance complains about how men need to man up and stop being boys, apparently so that women in her office can stop complaining and marry them. While I am all for men being men, people getting married, and shutting up the catty office spinsters, I find it more than slightly annoying that Penny chooses to fixate on grown men who play video games. Annoying, and I suppose a bit predictable.

Without naming a bunch of names, I can’t help but notice that it is a popular tactic of many people of a conservative bent to pick on gamers as being the most childish and immature of people. Only the males, though. Chances are they don’t even know that there are women who play video games. Nope, only pathetic man-boys play video games. It’s a hobby with a very singular demographic.

To be sure, there are immature man-boys who play a lot of video games and refuse to do anything productive with their lives. Some may in fact live in their parent’s basement. But let’s be honest, that is a vastly overstated stereotype with very little basis in reality. Very few parents are wealthy and uncaring enough to support their adult children to their own detriment, let alone the capacity to support a hobby as potentially expensive as gaming.

But let’s not waste time arguing semantics and stereotypes. There is a much bigger issue here, which is why, after over three decades, gaming is still stigmatized. Penny cites that the undesirable gamer man-boys spend hours at a time playing games, when they should be doing things like going to college and working. Pardon me, Penny, but what strange world do you come from where men do nothing but eat, sleep, and work? Do they not have free time in whatever whitewashed suburb you apparently come from? Surely your menfolk participate in such wholesome activities as sitting in a boat drinking beer (fishing), standing in the driveway drinking beer (working on the car), and sitting on the couch drinking beer (watching the game)?

Did it not occur to you that there are a lot of time-wasting hobbies out there that all of us who don’t work 80 hour weeks engage in? Some of us like to stare at a lake that may or may not have any living creatures in it, while others of us prefer to stare at a blinking screen. How is one better than the other? Is it the fact that we don’t drink beer while gaming? Because let me assure you, a lot of guys do (I’m told Mario Kart takes on strange new dimensions while under the influence, but since I play to win I’ve never bothered to try it myself).

I haven’t even touched the fact that every gamer I have ever met does in fact have a full time job or is currently pursuing their education. In some cases both. Many of them are also in a healthy relationship. Maybe if you and your gal pals looked at gaming for what it actually was, a hobby no different from any other fun but ultimately arbitrary hobby, you wouldn’t have so much trouble finding a man.

Dating is hard when you cut the dating pool to pieces because of baseless stereotypes. Funny how that works.


3 Responses to A response to “Why Does America Have So Many ‘Peter Pan’ Men?”

  1. RS says:

    I don’t trust a man who doesn’t game.

    Better a gamer than a player. Ooh!

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