Yeah yeah back to blogging

So I haven’t blogged in a while. I personally blame myself, but you are free to point on various circumstances beyond my control, and I may respond with a “yeah that’s a good point.”

My initial idea for November was to post excerpts from the NaNoWriMo novel I’m writing for NaNoWriMo, but that has so far fell to the wayside. Mostly because the start of November proved to be very busy as far as work is concerned, so instead of taking it easy and writing up gobs of words like I intended, I ended up working on a bunch of work stuff and thus lost any and all momentum. One could note that I could be writing right now instead of blogging, but I’d rather blog right now.

So today was mildly interesting. I wake up/get out of bed around the time the calender warning goes off, telling me that I have a thing scheduled. That thing being a platelet donation, because I am a wuss and can’t say no to the endless tirades about needy people who need my platelets and stuff. So I get ready and stuff, and make my way to the subway, remembering that I have an issue of The Onion in my backpack, which is good because I like having something to read on the subway. I sit down, and immediately I feel a wet sensation on my butt. Sure enough, I sat in something liquid. Could be residue from someone’s wet back. Could be a bunch of spit. Either way someone was a total jerk and now I have to suffer for it. Moving a seat over, I read my newspaper and try to make the most of it. Unfortunately The Onion isn’t all that funny this week. They are very hit and miss.

I get to the New York Blood Center, fill out the stupid form telling them I don’t do drugs or go to prisons or other countries, get the stupid finger prick and blood pressure test, and I am on my way.

I should have suspected something would go horribly wrong when the woman who ended up in charge of me started asking me dumb questions and asking other people who I was and if I was scheduled. Then she decides that the main vein I get stuck in was too deep. Granted, I am a very deep person, but she made it sound like it was a bad thing. No pleasing some people. So with all the grace of a woman who may not entirely know what she is doing, she decides to go for a different vein that “might be better”. I then suffer what was easily the most painful needle stick in my entire life. Probably because needles aren’t supposed to go there. After jamming it in deeper like three times, blood finally starts flowing into the tubes and the process begins. And then stops very quickly, because the pressure isn’t high enough. She tells me to keep squeezing my hand, but the squeezing does nothing. After several starts and stops, I grow audibly irritated with the process, and voice my opinion on the matter when she starts considering trying my other vein again. I tell her she will not, and if this doesn’t work then to just stop the procedure. After a great deal more dawdling (do they get paid per ounce or something?) she finally relents and stops the procedure, pumping back what little blood escaped back into a vein that was never meant to bleed.

I eat some snacks and be on my way. While considering what to do with the rest of my day, I see one of those ads for the new UNIQLO stores and how there is one on 53th and 5th. So, curious about the magical Japanese clothing they must have, I venture over there. And let me tell you, the store is so fancy. It’s all bright and wood and lights everywhere, and it’s so clean and new looking, and all the staff is very friendly, and probably happy they have jobs here and not at some horror shop like The Gap (I have a friend who worked at The Gap and she seemed to have very few nice things to say about it). I try on a fleece jacket, but it doesn’t fit quite right, and then I venture over to the magic warm shirts that are supposed to warm up when you sweat. Thinking this would be very useful for running, I buy one and get a fancy bag to carry it around in. As I head home, I read some free newspapers, that are arguably about as informative and unbiased as The Onion was funny.


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