Movie Review: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Yes, I saw this movie. Yes, I saw all of the Twilight movies so far. No, I did not read the books. Yes, I almost read the graphic novel at one point, because it was just sort of sitting there on the book shelf at Borders (much like how Borders now sits on the memory shelf in my brain. RIP you okay but not great store).

This review has spoilers, but it’s probably nothing anyone who is going to see the movie wouldn’t already know about, or at least wouldn’t deter them from seeing the movie or make them enjoy it a bit less.

I feel like these movies have gotten better with each iteration, and Breaking Dawn is no exception. The pacing is done very well, with very little lingering longer than it ought to. What could have been a drawn out wedding affair is kept short for our benefit. While the characters of Edward and Jacob still come off as a bit overdramatic, I feel like the movie is self-aware enough to make light of this when appropriate, rather than treating their drama fits as worthy of serious concern. Bella, in contrast, comes off as a bit more mature than either of the men. Though her decisions come off as illogical and perhaps even absurd to other characters, she knows exactly what she wants and what it may cost her, though she may be a bit flippant about some of it. She seems ready for marriage; the super boys not so much.

There is a scene where a bunch of werewolves are talking, while in wolf form. This is without a doubt the most painful scene in the entire movie, and not just because Jacob hams up voice acting to 11. If you have a deep and abiding respect for werewolves, you should not see this or any Twilight movie. But you probably already know that.

The makeup work in this movie seemed a bit spotty. Some of the vampires looked suitably vampiric, while a few didn’t even look pale this time. Google wants to believe that vampiric isn’t a word, BUT IT TOTES* IS. That said, Bella getting weaker and dying horribly was rather well put together.

Overall, if you’ve seen the other so far, you definitely need to see this one. And the next one, because this is only part one. If you haven’t seen the others, don’t bother, not because you totally won’t get it, because it’s fairly easy to pick up on, but because you just won’t care what happens to these hammy characters. Much like a sibling, you have to live with the “saga” for a few years before it finally starts to grow on you.

*And there goes my last shred of credibility. It’s totes gone.


One Response to Movie Review: Breaking Dawn Part 1

  1. Totally agree about the makeup. The booty call scene, Edward’s smoking cold body was anything but deathly cold like.

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