Texas Trip 2011: The Part Where I Am Now In Texas

7:XX: Arrive at my parent’s house, greet Mother and Trevor, and have home made pizza, just like Mother used to make, which was fitting because Mother made it. Drank root beer with it, as is tradition. Then we played a really cheap game consisting of a peg board, some pegs, and dice. I won, due to my skill at rolling dice and the vagaries of chance (thank you Dungeons and Dragons). Some sort of television is on, with shows of an either informative or entertaining nature. I couldn’t tell you what kind.

10:XX: Go to bed. Specifically Trevor’s bed. He shall sleep on a cot in the living room. It is only fair.

Sun’s Day

3:XX: Get a phone call from a friend soliciting advice. I give her the best advice in the history of advice. I’m fairly certain world hunger and gender inequalities are now ended forever. Racism is probably still popular, though. Eventually I fall back to sleep.

9:4X: Wake up, shower, shave, and lament the fact that my face likes to react to shaving with REDNESS. REDNESS EVERYWHERE. “I hate you, AJ Bulldis”, my face says to me. It literally spells this out. Someday my vanity will get the better of me, and I will become a masked villain out sets out to destroy beauty everywhere he sees it, since he is envious of it. Or I’ll finally get the right combination of products and practices necessary to make my skin behave.

11:XX: Post part one of Texas Trip 2011. Travel logging travel logs is the best part of travel logging, in my glorious opinion. Did I say opinion? I meant fact. I don’t have opinions.

11:5X: Myself, Samantha, Trevor, and Amazon Casey go to IHOP, because we had coupons. IHOP pancakes get smaller every time I go there. I know I’m not getting bigger, because my friends aren’t getting smaller. Just the pancakes. Maybe New York City diners have me spoiled, except being spoiled by a diner is impossible. It’s a diner.

12:3X: Go to Target, because Amazon Casey works there. Go shopping for a few items, like lots and lots of Trident gum. Addition is a powerful thing. Habits less so, but still generally heeded. In time, a plan is hatched involving the movie we will see tonight and who is driving which vehicle.

2:0X: Finally leave Target. Did we seriously spend an hour and a half wandering around that place looking at stuff? Yes we did. What the crap. Did get a root beer Icee though, so it wasn’t all tedium and horror.

2:XX: See Father. Discuss my computer, his computer, his new motorcycle, and other such things.

3:XX: New Super Mario Bros Wii with Trevor. Beat a few bosses and then got bored.

4:XX: Just Dance 2 with Samantha and later Mother. Hate this game in a way, because it’s hard to know how to do the moves perfectly. Dance Dance Revolution is advantageous in this regard. The dances are kind of fun sometimes though, partially depending on the song (Take Me On is the best one in my fact).

5:XX: Eat dinner. Chicken and rice.

6:XX: Try out Rage. I hate it. Then I play Serious Sam The First Encounter again. Don’t hate it, but I don’t do as well as I ought to. I should play one of the old timey FPS again; there is something simple and gratifying about blasting demons/nazis effortlessly by the thousands.

8:2X: Go to movie theater, where we will see Breaking Dawn. It won’t start until 9:10, though, so we stand around for a while.

11:XX: Get out a Breaking Dawn. Decide I’ll have to review it tomorrow.


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