Texas Trip 2011: The Part Where Very Little Happens In Texas

Moon’s Day

X:XX: Wake up, eat some kind of cereal.


X:XX: Make admirable progress in Super Mario 3D Land.

X:XX: Play some other video games I guess?

X:XX: Some stupid show on TV.

X:XX: More nothing.

X:XX: Attempt to build a 3,000 piece LEGO set.

X:XX: Give up at around 700 pieces because I keep not finding necessary pieces.

X:XX: Dinner.

X:XX: More Just Dance 2. Get much closer to Samantha’s scores.


Mars’s Day

X:XX: Beat the main mode of Super Mario 3D Land. Find out there is a whole other set of special levels that prove notably more challenging. I will overcome.

12:XX: Have macaroni and cheese for lunch.

X:XX: Play Yahtzee. Win one round, lose the next.

5:00: Leave with sister and mother to go to a nail place. Receive my first ever pedicure. Do not get nails painted. Approximately four pounds of skin was scraped off the bottom of my feet with a cheese grater. Lots of chemicals involved. Tickled at certain points. As of writing this log, feet still feel rather nice.

5:XX: Decide that, in order to rebalance my manliness, I will have to murder an endangered species with my bare hands. Preferably one of the large ones. An elephant should do nicely.

6:XX: Eat Chik-Fil-A for dinner. It is as glorious as I remember. Through a mix-up on the part of the ever friendly staff, I somehow find myself in the possession of not one, but two dinners to bring home to my other sister. Needless to say, I eat one of them, becauase YUM.

7:XX: The two present sisters and myself head off to Dairy Queen, another necessary stop for whenever I vacation in a place that isn’t New York. But first, we go clothes shopping at like half a dozen places, because one of my sisters needs a something for Christmas pictures that she is taking with her fiancee. We end up buying absolutely nothing, and go to Dairy Queen anyways. I get a large Butterfinger Blizzard.


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