Texas Trip 2011: The Part Where I Narrowly Avoid Giving Thanks

Mercury’s Day

X:XX: Video games or something I guess.

X:XX: Nothing.

X:XX: More nothing.

12:XX: Go to Cici’s Pizza, one of the necessary stops whenever I visit Texas. It is a pizza buffet place, meaning I don’t have to be considerate of others. Nor do I have to eat the crust. I ate 20 slices, 2 cheesy breadstick things, and drank a bunch of soda. Well done, AJ Bulldis.

5:XX: My Aunt and a few of my cousins come over to visit. We eat snacky foods, drink alcohol, and comment on things for several minutes.

7:XX: Tacos for dinner. After what I did for lunch, I eat only 3 tacos.

8:XX: Get introduced to some friend of my dad’s via Skype.

X:XX: Make further progress with Super Mario 3D Land.

Jupiter’s Day

X:XX: Wake up unfathomably late.

12:XX: Make the punch. Tragically, there is no vodka to be found in the house.

1:XX: Eat Thanksgiving dinner. My eatings include turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, crescent rolls, jello mold, and maybe some other things that I can’t think of.

2:XX: I am thankful for…something. I can no longer recall what. It was a joke, though. Mildly humorous.

3:XX: Beat Super Mario 3D Land 100%. Kind of typical for Mario games these days. Aside from the Galaxy ones I guess. Haven’t played those.

3:XX: Chocolate pieeeeeeeeee. Yeeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh…..

X:XX: I play, and win, Trivial Pursuit. Booyah.

X:XX: More pie.

X:XX: I come to the dreaded realization that I’ve run out of clothes and will have to do laundry the next day.


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