Texas Trip 2011: The Part Where Texas Trip 2011 Comes To An End

Venus’ Day

8:XX: Do laundry like it was going out of style. And it is in fact going out of style for me, as I haven’t done my own laundry in months, thanks to the shockingly convenient services provided by my local laundromat.

12:XX: Take my brother out to lunch. We end up finding ourselves at a Steak & Shake. The food is okay but not great, and for what I paid I think we would have been better off walking to a McDonald’s. Despite the nearest McDonald’s to my parent’s house being a very long walk.

X:XX: Dig through a bunch of my old stuff that is at that house for some reason, find my high school transcripts. As it turns out, I did in fact graduate from high school.

X:XX: Thanksgiving Dinner Redux.

Saturn’s Day

X:XX: Go to an sporting goods/outdoor whatever store that I can’t remember the name of anymore. Cabela’s or something. Anyways, it’s covered in dead animals. Like elk and wolves and such. Very inspiring to the part of me who wants to slay mammals for food and sport.

X:XX: Dairy Queen Redux. I buy a box of Buster Bars. Immediately after leaving, I regret not getting a Peanut Buster Parfait as well. This will haunt me for years to come.

Sun’s Day

7:00: Wake up to the sound of my cellphone crying.

7:XX: Begin doing laundry again so my luggage isn’t full of unwashed clothes. Certainly don’t want to dig through that when I get home.

9:XX: Amazon Casey drives us to McDonald’s. I get some manner of breakfast, as does she.

9:5X: Arrive at Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport. The goodbye is brief and unemotional, just how I like it.

10:XX: Attempt to get on an earlier flight out of this place. It fails spectacularly.

10:XX: My father, who works at DFW, finds me, and we proceed to stare at each other for the next hour or so. Occasionally one of us says something.

11:30: Boarding for my flight begins. A full half of the passengers get to board first. The station attendants continue to remind us that it is a very full flight and we need to cooperate.

11:XX: Finally get on the plane. For some reason they decided to board the back rows last, for maximum problems for everyone. I still manage to get some overhead luggage space for my luggage, which is now overhead. Sadly, this plane has no audio jacks with which to listen to music or anything.

12:00: Take off time. We don’t take off, because the A/C is broken or something. It totally isn’t, but that’s what the captain tells us. He is made of lies and sleep deprivation. There are so many babies on this flight it’s not even funny.

12:3X: Finally take off.

X:XX: Leave the state of Texas. Texas Trip 2011 is officially over.

Several Days Later

X:XX: Realize I never finished off this stupid travel log, do my best to remember what I did, and put together a half-assed conclusion to it.


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