Movie Review: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

There are two things I do not generally do. One of those is going to see a movie that isn’t the first in its series when I have not seen the previous movie, because I like to believe that there are important details that I won’t understand. The other thing is review movies that have already been out for a while. Tonight, I will and/or have done both.

I went to see the new Mission Impossible movie for lack of a better way to spend my Friday afternoon/evening. The alternative was playing either DC Universe Online or Space Marine, and neither idea appealed to me at the moment of my split second impulsive decision. The other alternative was walking all the way home, and while that is a sort of fun, I was wearing my super coat and its just not cold enough today/tonight to walk six miles in it.

Having thoroughly braced you for impact, let us proceed.

I liked the movie a lot. Despite having never seen a Mission Impossible movie, nor the television series (I think it was a television series), it took absolutely no mental acrobatics on my part to figure out who was who and what was going on. Tom Cruise is the main hero dude and all around super guy, and the other guys are his cohorts and/or friends. They are important, but pale in comparison to Tom Cruise because they weren’t producers of the movie like he was.

Despite by all appearances being a simple and formulaic action fest, the likes of which we have all seen approximately one zillion times, Ghost Protocol kept me in suspense, and then it kept me guessing. Having no emotional attachment to the characters I was never “floored”, but pretty much every twist and turn caught me by surprise. You know (spoiler alert) that the good guys will win somehow, but you’ll never know how until it finally happens. You’ll never know what plans will succeed and what ones will fail. You’ll never know how much more punishment everyone can take before they finally go down. I appreciate that in a movie. I have seen too many that, if they were sporting championships, would have made me a great deal of money. This is not one of them.

Tom Cruise, in case you hadn’t gotten it already, is as delightful an action hero as always. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie starring him that I didn’t at least mostly enjoy. Not sure if I know who Jeremy Renner is, but he was great too. Simon Pegg was great comic relief, though I could also take him seriously when he was being serious. Paula Patton was the girl of the group, and unlike several movies where the girl is useless and sexy she manages to be useful and sexy, and not just useful because she was sexy, which was another plus. Certainly more empowering than anything I’ve ever seen on the so-called “Television For Women”.*

I highly recommend seeing the movie if you enjoy action, suspense, and just the right touch of humor here and there. If you hate Tom Cruise, get over that because it’s only making your life worse.

*My sister and I used to watch Lifetime Original Movies together, and treated them as comedies. It didn’t help that the same six actresses were in all of them.


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