Best Ways To Spend The Leap Second

Right before 8:00 pm EST tonight, we will witness a time like no other: 7:59:60. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, we are getting another second tonight. One. Whole. Second. Overwhelming, I know. Lucky for you, I have assembled this handy guide to get the most of your gratuitous time increase so that you don’t waste the second of it.

Get Your Tan On


Nothing says “time well spent” like soaking up those healthy ultraviolet rays. They are crucial for the natural production of Vitamin D, without which our bones will crumble and fall. Make your bones a priority and bathe in the glorious light of the setting Sun.



Woo! Party!

Go To Bed A Little Early

bed time

“Early to bed, early to rise,” as the wise say. Do you know what is even earlier than going to bed at 8? Going to bed at 7:59:60. You’ll be ahead of the game and tomorrow will be yours to conquer! The early bird will have nothing on you!

Ponder The Mysteries Of The Cosmos


You’d be surprised how profound your thoughts can be when you ponder in a rare and mysterious time. Give it a shot!

Pop The Question


Fellas, you know you want to, but finding the right time to drop to one knee and whip out the ring that made you borrow money from your parents again can be most arduous. How fortunate for you, then, that tonight provides the perfect moment, the likes of which we won’t see again for quite some time! Be sure to practice so that you can kneel, present the ring, and propose in one fell swoop. Nothing is more embarrassing than being the guy who took 1.1 seconds to make his intentions known.

Call Your Grandparents

Surprised and amazed

Surprised and amazed

It won’t be a long conversation, but they are always happy to hear from you.


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