In Response To “40 Questions For Christians Who Oppose Marriage Equality”

Challenge accepted.1. Not in all cases. I definitely believe telling people they have no control over it will smother any say they have.

2. I accept that people are stubborn, but also yes it doesn’t happen easily, or in most cases at all it looks like.

3. One or two, maybe?

4. I’m not anyone’s closest friend.

5. Zero hours.

6. Yes.

7. Yes.

8. None.

9. Obsession over sex or lack thereof is not healthy. I’d share my own struggle with desiring sexual intimacy (I’m single myself).

10. I don’t know any openly gay Chrisitans.

11. None.

12. Patience and self-control are obviously right out (tasteless joke). From personal experience you cannot develop fruits of the spirit while living in defiance of God.

13. Yes; they would be wrong to do  so, but our salvation is not contingent on every belief being 100% orthodox. I’ve had many misconceptions over the years corrected.

14. See answer 13.

15. N/A

16. It is a less immediate problem, but all societal sin is degrading.

17. Yes.

18. Slavery had different connotations back then. Also Christians throughout history have been wrong about a lot of things. Tradition isn’t scripture.

19. Yes.

20. Nope.

21. A little.

22. No.

23. One might say that.

24. No. Gay people are free to marry the opposite sex.

25. N/A

26. No.

27. Yes.

28. Yes.

29. Ooh, maybe? I don’t wear my hair long so it’s never come up. Are the se words used in the original language?

30. Yes, noting that by God’s power Abraham and Sarah had a child in their old age.

31. We live in a fallen world where we aren’t as we should be. Infertility isn’t a natural state.

32. Never heard of them.

33. I suppose I could tolerate civil unions.

34. Too late now, gay marriage is already legal.

35. Never heard of them. I assume they died from bigoted attacks?

36. That sounds about right.

37. Sin is sin, so not really, though pedophilia is more vicious for targeting children.

38. Not at all certain. God has mysterious ways.

39. Well we’d stop being blessed by God because of our heinous lies.

40. So far I am. There are a number of more liberal thinkers in my church. Not sure where the line is drawn.


One Response to In Response To “40 Questions For Christians Who Oppose Marriage Equality”

  1. The Arizonan says:

    I’ve been a supporter of gay marriage since the second half of the previous decade because I’m a live and let live kind of person. After seeing things from other people’s viewpoints, I think legalizing gay marriage in all fifty states was the right thing to do since gay people have been discriminated against and faced so much crap for centuries.

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